Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Because its hard to find things to eat before pay day, on the 4th of the month, I have to get creative.

Tonight I cooked 2 boneless chicken breasts with minced garlic and onion flakes.

I cooked a full package of frozen french cut green beens with bacon and Minced Garlic and onion flakes.

I diced the chicken (So the kiddo could eat it) and served it on the Green beans like rice or noodles.

Turned out nice. Lindsey (My wife) thought a bit of rice would have made it purification, but all she ate all day was a cinnamon role, so you all should know her opinion is slanted.

I really don't use recipes or cook books so it was a healthy spoonful of this, and a good shake of that. I ran outside for a few minutes and our apartment smells wonderful.

I'm adding a few photos that I took earlier today for the mad housewife contest.  I want a T-shirt. :-)

Rob McCallum
Stay-at-home dad
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