Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Because its hard to find things to eat before pay day, on the 4th of the month, I have to get creative.

Tonight I cooked 2 boneless chicken breasts with minced garlic and onion flakes.

I cooked a full package of frozen french cut green beens with bacon and Minced Garlic and onion flakes.

I diced the chicken (So the kiddo could eat it) and served it on the Green beans like rice or noodles.

Turned out nice. Lindsey (My wife) thought a bit of rice would have made it purification, but all she ate all day was a cinnamon role, so you all should know her opinion is slanted.

I really don't use recipes or cook books so it was a healthy spoonful of this, and a good shake of that. I ran outside for a few minutes and our apartment smells wonderful.

I'm adding a few photos that I took earlier today for the mad housewife contest.  I want a T-shirt. :-)

Rob McCallum
Stay-at-home dad
Domestic ninja

bearded housewife

I am one of the most elusive of all mad housewives, the bearded housewife.  In this era of untraditional roles.  I provide for my family with, my cooking, cleaning and kissing skinned knees.
After a long day of changing endless diapers, picking up the living room, and listing to "The Wonder Pets", when the wife gets home from work.  I like to slip into the bathroom with a glass of mad housewife Merlot and check my Facebook status.
It's simple pleasures like this that keep me going day in and day out.  I don't expect to get a day off for about 18 more years.  But if I can have 5 min. to myself, my day is complete.
I prefer the Merlot, because Merlot sounds like pillow, and that reminds me that after making one more sack lunch and dinner.  It'll be time for bed.
Thank you to mad housewife for the beautiful wine.  I must get back to scrubbing color crayon marks off my front door.

Rob McCallum
Stay at home dad,
Bearded mad housewife.